Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Everyone had a fun weekend.

The twins had a great time in Birch Bay with 2 great aunts/uncles, several of DH's cousins and their children...there were about 20 people who went up there with the twins! And the twins got their school done for Friday and Monday while they were on their trip (this was a condition of them going, but I wasn't sure they would get it all done)! Uncle Jann really liked their science book, and has asked to borrow it when we are finished.

Meanwhile, we had fun, too! (Though we missed the twins a lot!) We went to a family party at another of Chris' aunts house to visit with yet another aunt (his dad has 5 brothers and a sister), who is in town from Arizona. It was good to see her, though I wished I were feeling lots better...my allergies are killing me lately! I am pretty sure it has to do with rearranging furniture and kicking up lots of dust (good progress was made on Saturday though on the classroom switch!) as well as the weather, which can't make up its mind as to what season we are in...sigh...this, too shall pass! It is an opportunity for me to continue to offer up a sacrifice of praise!

I also had a chance to go through every one's drawers and pull out the things that don't fit...which was really good since I had already pulled out some new things from bins for the 3 little girls! Hoping to get some new things for Justice soon as his drawers are pretty bare...I don't have many bigger things for him, lol!

Then Sunday we went to Chris' sister's for a BBQ and fireworks. Something I really don't like doing normally...once my babies get over tired, they normally just cry and scream until we get them to their OWN beds...but both of them fell asleep on the way there, and I sat in the van with them for about an hour until they woke up! Chris held Callie through the fireworks (which she thought were really pretty!) and Justice sat so amazingly still and quite in my lap snuggling, watching the fireworks! With as busy as he has been lately, it was so nice that he was so snugly! It is definitely a time I will cherish in my memory!

Everyone slept in (amazingly!) on Monday! Brianna and Ashley were up at 8:30, and the babies slept in until 9! Callie had her appointment with Dr Epley and it couldn't have gone better! He said she is stable at the moment, so we will just keep doing what we are doing! He said the alignment of her eyes is holding most of the time, and as long as tilting her head up is intermittent, we are going to let it go! No surgery in our immediate future! No glasses needed at this time! Praise God!

I can't believe I almost forgot our other news! Justice took his first steps on Friday! He isn't in too much of a hurry to be walking all over yet, and has only taken a few steps here and there...but it is a start! Further proof that I won't have 3 non-walkers when Serenity makes her appearance in just 4 more months!

Oh, and there are no pictures because my camera broke...the battery cover absolutely fell apart - hoping to get DH or FIL to switch it for the one on the other (dead) camera we have (of the same model) soon so we can get pictures!

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