Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer is really here - and a big praise with Callie!

Wow - it has been HOT this week! We are trying to stay cool and beat the heat...which has meant some fun in the pool, playing in the basement (I don't let my girls go outside during the hottest part of the day), and enjoying being together...of course, we are still getting school done (or mostly done this week!), and Callie therapy is continuing as normal as well...again, mostly!

Part of Callie's therapy plan includes a bath in warm water each morning. Normally, I put her in my kitchen sink after breakfast when everyone else is doing morning chores...except on Wed, I had everyone else go directly to the bath after breakfast, and had both babies in the kitchen sink...I have also done this many times!

I got Justice clean, and then Callie dumped a great deal of water over the side of the sink - this happens sometimes, so I told her what I normally tell her, "I will be right back." I look apprehensively at Justice as I left...and hurried with the big oatmeal bag in hand to drop it in the pantry on my way to grab and towel and back to the kitchen. It is one of those things you are 'never' supposed to do, and yet I have done this several times! I rounded the corner back into the kitchen in time to see Callie 1/2 climbing 1/2 falling (head first after she really went!) out of the sink and onto the kitchen floor...I picked her up and she stopped crying almost immediately. She was so tied/sleepy though that I had to keep telling her to keep her eyes open. Justice was still in the sink, so I pulled his wet body out and put him on the floor, not wanting another injury to deal with! With everyone else in the bath upstairs, I called DH for another set of hands...when he didn't answer, I called MIL to come help, fortunately she was almost dressed and ready for the day and could lend another set of hands! that was huge in that first hour or so as we were trying to figure out if she was just stunned or if she really needed medical attention. There was absolutely no swelling, which made me think that she didn't hit her head as hard as I first thought. The only bleeding was from her biting her tongue.

Callie remained really tired, and not really able to talk much for a few minutes, maybe even 1/2 hour...but she kept getting better and better, so we figured by the time we got her to the ER, there would be nothing to see! She had trouble with her balance, but that is really common for anyone with CP! It was hard to determine what is 'normal disability' from 'injury related' in her!

We watched her very closely for about 5 hours, before letting her take nap.

When she woke up yesterday, we noticed her tone was much higher, she had a real fear of falling (even just with standing), and her eyes were crossing...I called the pediatrician, and he said when DH was able to watch everyone else, we should take her in through emergency, just to make sure everything was ok. I was dreading having to go to the ER and tell them, she fell yesterday and we are just now getting around to bringing her in!

We had the very best ER experience I have ever had! The ER doctor was so good about us having waited so long to bring her in! He said evaluating whether medical care is needed from a fall like that is really hard, and we did all the things we should have with ice and monitoring her, and not letting her sleep, etc. They did a CT, and found she has a moderate concussion...that is the good news and the bad news...the alternatives, bleeding on the brain, cracked skull, etc, were worse than just a concussion (though I would have rather she skipped that part, too!). He thinks the loss of balance and increased tone and crossed eyes will fix themselves as she heals. He expects her to make a full recovery on her own! What a blessing! God is so good all the time, even in the midst of hard situations! As the doctor was discharging us, he reassured us that we really did do all the right things, and when we saw there was a problem, we brought her in, which is exactly what we should have done. He also said that the changes we are seeing are really common for any head injury, and it is because we are so in tune with her that we were even able to notice the changes. It made me wonder if we would have noticed in any of my other children...I spend so much time working on Callie's physical abilities during the week, and so any change is very obvious to me...

Brianna and Justice were asleep when I had the camera no pics of them today! They got to play in the water after Mom and I took Callie to the ER.

All of this has made for a very long, challenging week...I feel so far behind in laundry and school it isn't even funny! Hoping to catch up a bit today, now that we know Callie really wil be ok!


  1. Thank goodness all is well and you guys are so in sync with Callie!

    Michelle, I worry about you, you're always doing so much! I know you have to keep up, but remember to take care of you, too! You deserve it! You rock!

  2. How scary! So good to hear that Callie is ok with only a mild concussion. Praise God for his provisions.