Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moving onto Callie's scrapbook!

Brianna and Justice's scrapbooks are all caught up and all the journaling is done! Woohoo! This is a huge thing for me! It means that on Wednesday, I have already completed the goal for the week!

Today, as I was going through the pages of pictures I set up for Callie, thinking of what to say (I do much of my journaling on the computer, print it out and glue it in!) and typing it out, I relived many of those hard moments...trying to find the words of having to leave her, so tiny and helpless in the hospital...going through the realization that she wasn't just developmentally delayed because she was a preemie, or even because of her eyes, but because she truly has a disability that she must deal with throughout her life. Going through her difficulties (I put a picture of her last eye surgery) and highlighting her triumphs (like picture here from the day she learned to crawl forward - at 16 months old!)...I know pregnancy hormones don't help, but wow, what an emotionally draining day! Overwhelmingly, with everyone else, it is not so emotionally draining. It is more happy than anything else...I feel kind of guilty that I feel this way going through pictures of her life! I made it all the way through her book, and will be starting to actually put things in tonight! Hopefully, I can get her book done by the end of tomorrow, and start working on Ashley's book!

By the end of next week, I hope to have Ashley and Callie's scrapbooks caught up with their journaling...which means going back over the almost 3 years for each of them!


  1. I am really impressed, Michelle. You are so diligent. It is great to see some of the photos you are including. Callie has come a long way. She is a fighter and will push on to meet the next challenge like a trooper. God has gifted her with stamina, and a great family that loves and supports her and cheers her on every step of the way.

  2. I think that last picture of Callie's eyes might need a bit of photo-shop touch-up. There appears to be a bit of 'red-eye' on it.

    Sorry, just trying to bring some humor to an otherwise emotional day. Love ya' babe! You're doing an awesome job, and no one else's opinion should matter. :-D


  3. That is funny, my Love! Thanks for trying to brighten my day! You are awesome!

    Thanks, Lanita! I feel like it will be easier to keep them up than constantly trying to play catch up! So far, I have put 12 years worth of pictures in their books (total), and completed 5 years worth of journalling, with 3 more years of journalling to do in Ashley's book coming up next...hoping to at least keep this momentum going to get all the twins' pictures in and Ashley's journalling done!