Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting back to Family Nights!

We have taken a very long break from doing family nights...I am not even really sure what happened, but the girls have been asking about it for a long time now!

We talked about responsibility. We compared responsibility to blocks we have to carry, and talked about how they may carry them however they like (each of them put the blocks into their shirt so they had their hands free!). We made an obstacle course to represent going through our day. Then we timed everyone going through the obstacle course with more and more blocks. Then we added another obsticle that they needed to keep their hands on...which added lots of time! We talked about how adding more responsibility made it more fun to go through because they added challenge, but also made our times slower.

Then we read the parable of the servants who were given the talents. We talked about ways we can be more responsible. We talked about ways we can learn and earn responsibility. All in all, we had a great time together learning Biblical truths and principals!

After our family night, my younger 4 went to bed, and we played clue with the twins. They really enjoy the times we let them stay up for something special like that! We talked a little more about how they have more responsibility than the younger ones, but they also get more privileges, too!

This morning, Anna thanked me for doing a family night, and said she hopes to have them each week again. What a great way to teach them godly principals.

*scrapbooking goals - my first goal for the end of the weekend to have all of the pictures I printed put into their books was completed! I was even able to start on the goal I have for the week of journaling in Brianna and Justice's books!


  1. You inspire me to start doing family nights! However, what do you do with Justice during them? I'm concerned that Olivia may upset a board game or try to "borrow" cards in a card game lol

  2. Fun! By the way, love the table.

  3. Our family nights we use a book series for the activities to center around a lesson about God, Family Night Tool Chest is the series. Normally we take turns holding him, or letting him just crawl around while we are doing it. Some activities he is able to be more involved than others. Some are pretty hands off for him!

    When we have family game nights, we give him things he CAN have, normally contained in his highchair. It might be some food (our family game nights tend to have snack foods involved), or large dice (we get them from a casino for free - and I feel like they are big enough to be not choking hazards), or plastic cards if we are playing cards. That way he feels like he is involved.

    Our last family game night we played Yatzee. We use 2 sets of dice so it goes faster with all of us playing, Callie (who is 2) played with us, and loved getting to roll the dice! Justice sat in his highchair playing with his dice, eating snacks and then went to bed when he got tired.

    Hope that helps!