Friday, July 30, 2010

Another scrapbook caught up!

Callie's scrapbook is complete with journaling and pictures! While it was emotionally draining to go through some of her trials in the first 2 years, I am glad that she will have that record of her know how far she has come, and just how proud we are of her! That makes 3 scrapbooks down, 3 to go!

With Brianna's birthday tomorrow, I will be taking a break from working on the scrapbooks to prep for her party. She wants to have a princess castle cake, which takes a bit of time on my part! (though I wouldn't trade it for anything - when the twins DIDN'T want a princess castle cake last year, it made me realize that this is something I enjoy doing for my children to make their birthday isn't something they are going to want forever, so I will enjoy the time I have when they are little!)

Even with a busy weekend, I will keep my original scrapbook goal for the end of this week of having the last 2 years worth of pictures sent to Costco for printing and having Ashley's journalling done by Friday...and I am feeling better about being able to get it done now!

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