Friday, July 16, 2010

Anna and Ashley

My allergies keep getting worse and worse. Today, I am able to see well enough to read, so I am trying to catch up on lots of things - school with the girls, email, housework, bible study homework (because who knows if I will be able to see well enough again to get it done before Tuesday!), getting ready for homechurch, etc!

I had wanted to add to Ashley's ability to ride a bike. There are times when my children have suddenly shown a great deal of maturity. Anna and Ashley have just gone through such a period, and wanted to share how amazing I think they are!

While all of my girls are helpful, lately, Anna has been over the top helpful! She wants to help out and learn to 'be a grown-up,' as she is putting it all the time. She wants to help cook, and clean, and care for the younger ones. She wants to sew, harvest blueberries, learn to preserve them and anything else she can do to help! She is one amazing little girl! What a blessing that she has been so willing to pick up the slack when I have been so incapable of doing this because of my allergies! I praise my God for her, what a precious gift she is to our family!

Ashley is the other who has just grown leaps and bounds lately! She is more able to help out, more willing to try new things, and has accomplished great things! She has lost 3 teeth, stopped sucking her thumb, and has learned to ride a bike. She is able to help take Callie to the bathroom when Callie says she needs to go potty. She is ever more helpful in the kitchen because all of a sudden, she is paying a lot of attention to details! She is also showing a great deal of maturity in her reasoning and logic as well as showing a greater depth of understanding of different things. She is such a bright and cheerful little person with an infectious smile that breaths sunshine into a room! I feel so blessed that God gave her to us.

Watching them grow up, seemingly overnight like this is always bittersweet for me. On one hand, yes, I know they need to grow up and I am so honored and blessed to see the young ladies they are becoming...but on the other hand, it also makes me sad that they are growing up so quickly! Where did the time go? I pray that God would help me to take advantage of each day, with each of my children, to capitalize on each teachable moment and to cherish this time, whether I am feeling good or not, God is good, all the time!


  1. What a wonderful Post...Brings a smile to my face. Your such an inspiration Michelle!

  2. Allergies? Eat local raw honey! It's supposed to really help. Nice post, I love to read your blog.