Friday, July 16, 2010

Age differences

I remember when I was expecting Ashley...I was so concerned that she was so much younger than her sisters (3 1/2 years). I wondered if she would be able to play with them. If they would ever have anything in common. If they would include her in any of the things they did or played. If she would be able to keep up with them...

I was concerned I was taking something special from the twins by giving them a sibling. I was afraid our relationship would never be the same again. I even had moments when I wondered if it was a good idea to have more at all!

I have thought back to those feelings many times - particularly during pregnancies, or during times that we learned that Callie would be different, would her sisters think less of her for her disability?

In watching them play, seeing them interact and listening to them talk to each other, those kinds of fears have melted away. I now see how precious and special it is that my children have eachother, it really is a wonderful gift that they have eachother! I am so glad for their relationships with eachother and that they truly are eachother's best friends! I feel so blessed to be the mom to such an amazing group of children!

While I still wonder how Justice will fair being the only boy for at least a little longer, I also know that it really will all work out! God has a perfect plan for our family and I am excited to see how it unfolds!

I really like this picture today because it shows what happens all the time at my house - all of them playing well together and side by side (not always at the kitchen, but in the sandbox, the water table, helping in the real kitchen, gardening, etc). (Brianna was taking a rest - that turned into a nap - while this was taken.) The younger ones learn so much about life from playing with and beside the older ones. The older ones are learning so much compassion, awareness outside of themselves and understanding and how to teach, instruct and guide young children. Many would say we didn't accomplish much today, but these days, where we just hang out together as a family are so precious and so many lessons are learned by everyone!


  1. That is a very precious photo. Your children are so sweet. I love to see them together, they get along well and you can see that they love each other. They are truly each others best friends. You are blessed and are doing a wonderful job with them.

  2. My love, the dynamics of all families are constantly changing... that's the nature of dynamics. But despite all the changes, if we can keep focusing on God first, all the other 'stuff' falls into place... it falls into the place God wants it to be. You are doing a great job teaching our children to love first. As it says in 1 Corinthians 13:2 "2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.". Home-schooling is not about the subject matter... it is about love, and keeping our children's hearts. The content will come eventually, and really, adults only use about 10% of what they learned in traditional school anyway, based on Edgar Dale's Cone of Learning. I believe our children will always have a solid relationship, just due to the fact that they are being taught that it's not the content, but the way people interact and love each other first.

    Wow! Kind of a long post... sorry about that. I tried making it brief, but failed. Love ya', my jewel!