Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Praising God for a wonderful resolution!

HSLDA sent a letter to the district and the social worker. The district's response was that they had no intention of infringing on my rights. The social worker said they needed proof of us providing for Callie's medical needs. HSLDA (who was informed of what the social worker had in her packet) brought up the report from the neurologist (provided by the physical therapist, not me! I was not happy about this at first, but now, see God's provision in the social worker having it!), and the letter by the physical therapist, both stated that we (the family) are providing Callie with excellent care and contributed the great success in Callie's development to us, her family. HSLDA was able to convince the social worker that those things were enough proof from experts to dismiss the case!

I am so excited about this news! What a blessing. God's provision for our family is awesome. I am amazed as I watch how He has things all worked out!

HSLDA also told the school district that it is illegal for them to make us sign anything to opt out of a program for a 2 year old. What a blessing! This means we do not have to declare Callie on our declaration of intent until she turns 8 years old. God is good, all the time!

Now that this is behind us, I am back to finding out what we ARE going to do for Callie once she ages out of the birth to three program! It is looking like a robotics program will not work out. (The closest one is Pheonex, AZ...thought I have put in a request with both the UW and Children's Hospital to see if they would start this kind of a research based trial program, it would likely be a couple years before they would be ready with a robitics program. I even looked into using the Pheonix program, but have decided that the 2 year wait list combined with needing to be there for 3-4 months, then a second 3-4 months 1 year later, kind of make it not overly possible for us! Though I wish it were as I believe this could really change her life very quickly.) Her current therapist ONLY does birth to three, so this is also not an option. There are 2 places I am waiting to hear back from, hoping they have some sort of sliding scale or scholarship program, as our insurance has a pretty low cap on what they will pay out for therapy services, so it would mostly be out of pocket. I am also looking into CAN-DO a christian alternative therapy program run by Cyndi Ringoen that caters to homeschoolers. I have heard her speak, and am hopeful she would be able to help us with Callie. Unfortunately, it is pretty pricey, so that might, once again, hinder this option...but if we can't find a sliding scale or scholarship program through the other 2 places, it would be possible!

We do plan to continuing the hippo therapy, and getting some training to improve the hippo therapy we provide Callie with. We also are starting a tricycle therapy this summer, which will be able to continue beyond her 3rd birthday.

My research for options after her birthday is far from finished. God has a plan and a purpose for Callie, He already has it all worked out, so I am resting in His perfect peace and trusting His perfect plan. I am confident that this is already orchestrated by God, and just need to wait and pray for wisdom on which options to take.


  1. Praise God! What a nice answer to prayer! :)

  2. I'm glad things worked out for Callie as you hoped they would! Good luck figuring out her program over the next couple years!

  3. Thanks! The figuring out what to do with her next is pretty overwhelming for me, but I do have a few leads going...hoping to run those out and make something of it!