Monday, June 14, 2010

I love my family!

What a great day! We were able to get school done, get basic chores done, make some cookies, work in the garden, move more things out of the garage, play outside together, have a BBQ, and enjoy each other's company! I absolutely LOVE my family! I honestly wouldn't choose to be anywhere else when I could be with them! What could be better than this? I praise God and give Him the glory for days like this.

Oh, and Chris was able to build Callie a platform swing for therapy use. Callie's therapist will be here on Thursday to teach me how to use it with her! Thank you so much for all you do for our family, my Love! You are an amazing blessing!

Now that all of my children are in bed, I am making a special dinner for DH and I to have a date night in!


  1. Hi, I am a lurker from the iv november 10 ec :) I am so amazed by you and how you are able to do so much with your kids!! I only have one and I cherish the time she's in daycare and gives me a little break!

    Your kids are all so adorable! Have you found out yet the sex of the newest addition, are you planning to?

  2. Thanks! I have not yet found out the gender of this baby, but hope to by the end of next week - though I do not yet even have an appointment scheduled, so we will see how thta goes, lol!