Friday, June 18, 2010

Homeschool Field Day

A friend we met in choir last year put together a field day for homeschoolers at her house. My girls had so much fun! I have not actually been able to drive this week because of my I was blessed that she allowed my niece and nephew to tag along and that my MIL (who is watching my niece and nephew) was able to drive. Now MIL has taken all 6 of them (my 4 olders + niece and nephew) to see Toy Story 3, and I am getting ready to take a nap while my babies are sleeping!

We had gunny sack races, Frisbee distance toss, relay races, 50 yard dash, bean bag toss, giant basket ball hoops, soccer goals, long jump, obstacle course and probably others that I have left out! Here's some pictures of the girls. (There were many children there, but I tried to keep others out of the pictures so I didn't have to worry about asking if their children can be on the blog!)

We also had a sun break in the constant rain we have had just for today! Looking at the forcast, we go back to rain soon, so this was the perfect day to do this!

Callie was not able to participate in the games, but she did get a good workout pulling her walker through the grass, climbing up to slide and swinging! I felt like she got some good pt time in!

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