Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Justice!

It is amazing to me that it has been an entire, time goes so fast! Justice has grown so much in the last year! As all babies do, he has gone from this tiny helpless baby to a little person with his own unique personality. What a blessing to be a witness throughout this year!

Justice is such a happy baby! He is so content and loves to play with everyone and anyone. He also plays so well by himself! He loves to explore things. Currently, his favorite toys are balls. He loves to chase them around the house! He is able to stand for about 20-25 seconds by himself, but has yet to take that first step. I am pretty sure it is coming in about another month. (I don't think he is ready for it confidence wise!)

It reminds me to really take advantage of each day I have with them and cherish each one. Tomorrow each of my children will be bigger, stronger and able to do more things. Today will only happen once, and if I miss it, it is gone forever. What a blessing that I get to be here, day in and day out, teaching, training, encouraging each of them, seeing their milsestones and drying their tears! I know at some point in the future, I will look back and long for these days, when I have babies at home, diapers to change, several people who need me for different things, etc.


  1. Happy Birthday, handsome little dragonfly baby!

  2. Wow! One year already. Happy birthday, Justice!