Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting Read for Serenity Faith!

In the last couple days, I got out the bins of outgrown clothes, organized them, found my newborn girl clothes, purchased near perfect condition newborn cloth diapers (in a GREAT deal from Craigslist), and went through all the clothes with the girls oohing and ahing appropriately! (In fact, actually FOLDING to put AWAY was difficult because they wanted to play with the clothes, lol!)

Here are some of my favorite comments from this full blown "Event!"

"Oh, look at this one, I love it! I think it is my favorite" Brianna said - to every outfit she picked up, lol!

"This is my favorite, I think I wore this a lot when I was a baby. I am sure I loved it!" Ashley said to every dress she picked up!

"Oh, look at this one! Mom, could Serenity Faith where this one first?" Anna commented to about every 3rd outfit she picked up!

"Oh, I remember when Callie wore this one, she was so cute in it, I can't wait to put Serenity in it!" Bailey said frequently, then added at the end, "But Mom, when newborns are so floppy and can't hold themselves, how do you dress them?" (Oh, how quickly we forget :) I told her I would show her when the new baby gets here!

"Oh, wow! Look at this little one! It's so cute!" Callie said to each diaper she folded, lol! With just the perfect voice inflection to make this my favorite comment of them all!

I found as I was putting things away after Callie (and even getting some things out!), that after 4-5 girls, my clothes are looking pretty dingy and stained and snaps do not work as well as they once did, etc...so I got rid of lots of things! I still have a good start, particularly in preemie things (which were mostly new with Callie!), but I will need to fill in the newborn and up sizes! Good thing it is garage sale season!


  1. The girls' comments all made me smile!

  2. Congrats on the little girl! I love her name!! it's so sweet that your other girls are excited :)