Saturday, June 26, 2010

A fun afternoon with family!

Chris' cousin, Melissa threw a party for her 2 nephews, Jericho and Jordan, whose birthdays are both in June, who are in town visiting (along with their mom, Stacey). Everyone had a lot of fun playing in Melissa's pool and on their big swing! We also sang Happy Birthday to Jordan, Jericho and Justice! Melissa even got Justice a present in celebration of HIS birthday earlier this week! (Which is more than the rest of us have done for him, lol! Fortunately, he will never know the difference...Not sure if we will get him anything...maybe some new, bigger diaper covers that are not too tight? That would be a good one! Or maybe a zoo pass for all of us to enjoy?)

I also had to include a picture of Justice enjoying his cake last night at home church! It is such a good '1st birthday cake picture!' He really enjoyed himself!

----> From left: Jericho, Brianna, Bailey, Justice, Hailey, Jordan, Anna, Callie, Ashley

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