Monday, June 14, 2010

Earliest 1st haircut ever in my household!

I have been asked (even though he is the only one NOT dressed in pink the last few outings!) if we have all girls...with the hair going out all over the place, including over his ears and not laying down at all (unless very freshly washed as in the pictures today!), I decided to go ahead and cut the hair that was going over his ears. I am not saying it is the best that could have been done, but it is the first time I have cut hair on anyone under 2 years old, and I do think it is an improvement! (I can now stop trying to get his hair to lay down, lol!) Anna helped with taking some pictures. (Thanks, Anna!) I should have taken the before picture when his hair was dirtier and sticking out all over the place! His hair is very different from the girls...not like the fine baby hair, but very always has been this way!

For comparison, Callie is 2 1/2, and has not had her first hair cut, Brianna had her first hair cut just after 4 years old, and the twins had their first hair cuts the day after their 3rd birthday...Ashley got an early haircut by her sisters, then I had someone else fix it for me...she was just over 2 years old at the time!


  1. I was thinking the last time I saw him that he was about due for a haircut. I was trying to keep my comments to myself though because I realize that other people often don't think the same way I do. Titus, however, has had three haircuts at only 8 months old because I can't stand the hair on his ears :P

  2. If you look real close, his hair is not real even, but I was kind of concerned about getting his ears...he doesn't sit real still yet! Maybe I should have waited until he was asleep?

  3. He looks so cute and so grown up!! You're so much braver than me, I know Kevin needs a trim, especially bangs and over the ears, but I know he won't sit still for it, and the clippers I have are missing the distance comb...well... technically not missing since they are broken, but same difference, right!

    Justice looks great! He looks like such a big boy!

  4. It didn't actually occur to me to use the clippers! I just used my hair cutting scissors...and it was scary!!! He was wiggly and moving all over, and wanted to keep his eye on the scissors...but we made it through, and next time, maybe I will use the clippers, lol!