Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pics from the rest of vacation!

Our last day at Sea World. It was so much fun! The older 4 wanted to sit in the soak zone at the Shamu show...Chris said it was fine with him, so he went with them. I told them I would rather keep the camera, babies, and myself dry above the soak zone!

After the show, I asked them if they liked it with a thumb up or is their response.

What we didn't know before the show is that the salt water in Ashley and Brianna's eczema rashes would HURT like you wouldn't believe! (Hence they are the ones who didn't have fun in the soak zone!)

Most of Sea World has a very strong message of 'believe' and '2 worlds uniting' and 'hope'...then you get to the Sea Lion Shows. that is where you find the sarcasm and humor! They made fun of several different tv shows, and the Sea World shows. They used a walrus to make fun of the shamu show, it was so funny!

Justice made some big progress on vacation! He learned to get himself very consistently from all fours to sitting up. He also learned how to crawl and even got himself up to his feet a few times! It won't be long before he is all over the place!

While we were in San Diego, we had cable television...something we do not normally enjoy...we got to watch the Duggars tv series, which was so fun and encouraging! (Having cable also reminded us of why we DON'T have television available!) One of the 3 Duggar episodes we got to see they took a road trip. It talked about how many of them had motion sickness. At the time, I praised God and thanked him that no one in my family had any motion sickness...then we started for home. Let's just say we had a very long 2 days coming home...

To end on a positive note, I was so proud of how well the road in the car, how well they played together, how patient they were with the hours and hours of sitting, etc.

I am so blessed by my family! What an amazing gift God has blessed me with!

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  1. Ohhh, my sympathies to the girls! My oldest has eczema and I know how painful it can be for them, spent many a night with the heavy duty lotion and some ibuprofen and a crying girl :( Eczema sucks! :(

    Sounds like you guys had that "once in a lifetime" vacations! I remember being around 10 or so when we did one of those... a 2 1/2 week long road trip from Texas up to the Pacific NW, including The Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City, Pikes Peak, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone as some of our more memorable stops!

    Welcome home, Pence family, glad you had a wonderful time!