Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Interesting conversations lately...

While working on her sewing this morning, Bailey, out of the blue and said, "I guess when you have a little family, you can travel more."
I replied, "Travel where, and why do you think that?"
"Oh, travel to other places on vacation, and camping and things...Because Aunt April's family goes lots of places, but they have a very small family...they probably have more money for traveling."
"That is probably very true, but it still all depends on your income, some families are small, and still can not afford to travel, while other families are large and are able to travel quite a bit."
"I had a lot of fun on vacation...It would be fun to travel more, but we would still spend a lot of time at home, even if we traveled a lot, so I am glad I get my sisters and Justice to play with all the time instead of traveling more. And they all get to travel with me, making the trip even more fun and special!"

I was very happy with her logic and reasoning here! What a blessing to have a child, who values others!

I asked Ashley, "What would you like to have for dinner on your birthday?"
Ashley's response, "Cake!"
"Ok, you can have cake AFTER dinner, but what REAL food would you like to have...what is your favorite dinner?"
"Cake! Oh, wait, how about Princess Cake?!"
"What about something that is healthier to eat?"
"Um, I am not sure...could it be ice cream with the cake since it is a dairy product, so it has calcium?"
"How about something that we might actually HAVE for dinner? Try something that is a balanced meal."
She thought for a moment before saying, "Maybe wheat pasta, with lots of cheese and broccoli in it? But no spaghetti sauce. Would that be balanced? Oh, and applesauce!"
"Yes, it's a deal!"
"But can we still have cake?"
"Of course, what color do you want your princess cake to be?"
"Sleeping beauty colors! Pink and white with princesses on it! And I would like flowers on it, if you have time, if you don't that is ok. But can there be princesses? And what about making the trees around the castle? Can you do that? Could you put sleeping beauty on it? And can you put a little bird on the castle?"

Alright, so I might have to work a little more on what nutrition is with this girl, lol! She is certainly excited about her cake though! I just hope this cake doesn't disappoint...especially when she is building up so much anticipation around it! She is practically counting down the hours to her birthday! (Saturday is her big day.)

I prayse God for the opportunity to be home to experience all these little moments!


  1. Ohhh... I've got a surprise for you! A nutritious, filling, YUMMY cake for dinner!!

    Are you ready for this? It is honestly called Sandwich Cake, and it's a Swedish thing... Ok, it's actually called smörgåstårta (smuhr-goes-tore-tah). The photos here are all in Swedish, I think, but if you're at all interested I can help you make one...they are great fun to make, I think they are yummy, and your only limitation is your imagination! You can also make them really pretty and festive, as you can see!
    Let me know, you know where to find me!

  2. Ok, I just gotta ask - What is it actually made of? Some of them are very pretty!

  3. Usually 3 to 4 layers of bread with a creamy filling in between... each filling can be different. You can have one layer with a tuna salad layer, another with ummm... cream cheese and some kind of herbs, another with deviled ham or potted meat and mayo layer or whatever you guys like. The outside is usually a mix of mayo and creme fraiche (easy to find recipe on the net since you're already not afraid of 'souring/fermenting/culturing milk') and then you make it pretty with things like thin cut cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, rolled slices of cheese, lunch meat that you roll, those tiny little salad shrimp, lemon slices, orange slices, etc.

    Really, it's whatever you like. The only real rule to them is to make it the day before so that the flavors mix and the bread softens up, but you don't want to make the fillings so runny that it gets mushy.

    hannaomikael at g mail dot com is how to get in touch with me fastest, I check your blog twice a day ;). Once in the morning and once at night. I think I'm hooked ;)