Friday, May 14, 2010

Illness in bigger families...

My family is sick. It has been going on for over a week. We have not had the stomach flu here for at least 3-4 years. I do not believe it is a coincidence that this has been a hard winter for us, and I have not kept up with kefir (a fermented milk drink filled with lots of probiotics). It started with a cold, then Breezy getting so sick she was hospitalized overnight at Children's hospital in November...the girls have had another round of colds in the meantime...and now THIS.

I have noticed big changes though between last time we had the flu and this time. The first thing is that before, everything pretty much came to a halt when 1/2 the family was sick at a time...which meant everyone else was kind of finding what they could for lunches/dinner/etc. Dishes were left undone, and laundry was circulated as frequently as possible (to try to keep up with the workload). This time around, there are enough healthy people at any given time to keep things running as smoothly as we can. Dinner is made as usual, and those who are able to eat, do. Dishes are being kept up on (with thanks to my MIL who has been doing the dinner dishes!). But when there are 3-5 healthy children at any given time, there is still laughter and playing and school lessons, and reading, the sprinkler has been going this has just been a very different experience.

I am ready for this to be DONE though. I pray that God would touch this family with His healing hands letting it come to an end...and soon!

Once everyone is well, we are going to make some serious changes to boost our health physically, emotionally and spiritually! (More on those changes later!)


  1. Praying for a QUICK recovery for the whole family!

  2. Thanks! I think Chris is the only one who has not yet had this...we have GOT to get back to kefir and whole foods and boosting everyone's immune systems - I can't handle everyone being sick like this!

  3. I hope everyone feels better soon!! I was one of four and we used to "share illnesses" pretty frequently--not fun!