Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Ashley!

Traditions are important to me. Probably because I had very few things that were even stable growing up, let alone things that were done at any certain time for any reason for traditions!

Birthdays are something I really like to make special for each child. When you are one of many, it seems to like it would be easy to be 'lost in the shuffle' so to speak.

After the birthday child goes to bed on the night before the birthday, I stay up and decorate the house with streamers and balloons. We get a bouquet of balloons (one for each birthday the child has had) to set up for the child to see. As soon as the child wakes up (or when we wake them child up - depending on what is going on that day), everyone goes in with the bouquet of balloons singing "Happy Birthday." They birthday person also gets to choose the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner on their special day. I make the birthday child a cake, and we look through their scrap book (which is ideally up to least in theory! Ashley's scrapbook goes up to July of last year right now...).

The idea is to make the birthday person feel special. To let them know that we value them as a member of the family, and the individual that God created them to be!

Ashley has been talking about wanting a princess castle cake for MONTHS...I was hoping not to disappoint her! Here are a couple pictures of her cake. I think this is one of my best cake's yet!

In part because I make a big deal about birthdays, and another part because of who they are, my girls get in on the action...the twins and Brianna were busy making things for Ashley for her birthday, and were so excited to get to help decorate and make Ashley's day extra special for her! It is wonderful to see everyone rallying together to show how much we love each person as their special day comes around! My children are such a blessing to me!

The twins also made a list of things to buy Ashley for her birthday...and brought it shopping with us...thinking we would be full filling her every whim and desire. We talked about having all we need, and some of what we want, and contentment with where we are. We talked about it being hard sometimes, and the way the World always encourages us to want more, bigger and better. We talked about what God wants from us...

After deciding we wouldn't be getting everything on Ashley's wish list, I loved watching the twins' excitement about trying to find just the right thing for Ashley. I loved listening to them talk back and forth about what they thought Ashley would like the best...and then choosing the things to purchase for her that would bring her the most joy and excitement! I think some good lessons were learned and that Ashley will be thrilled! I will post more about what she got, and pictures tomorrow...for now, it is off to a BBQ, then back here for Ashley's birthday dinner, then present time! :)

God is so good, all the time! What a blessing He has given me in Ashley!

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  1. Ok, Michelle, _I_ want a cake like that, make one for me??

    Happy Birthday, Ashley!