Monday, May 31, 2010

A fun afternoon

We always appreciate and enjoy when Chris is actually off for the weekend. And this weekend, was one of those times! He had no changes, no work that he needed to do, he was able to really relax and enjoy himself (and his family!) this weekend.

One of the things Ashley got for her birthday is a Buddy Bar Handle for her bike - she is learning to ride a 2 wheeler, and this is a wonderful little item to save a parent's back during this endeavor! Brianna got to try it out, too, but I was busy with the babies by then, so I didn't get any pictures of her!

Callie is making huge strides of progress using her walker...she has a great deal more control and support. She is able to really maneuver it well. She is working on being able to bring it through the grass (which is a real challenge for her balance with the uneven surface and the extra drag that is put on the walker itself).

Justice enjoys being outside...actually he really enjoys anywhere he is as long as his family is close by. He loves exploring new things, and now that he is cruising, it is a whole new world for him! (And his sisters are learning really quickly that they can not leave things on the table!)

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