Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun afternoon at the children's museum

We spent the morning getting school and chores done, Callie had physical therapy, and then after lunch, we went to the Children's Museum!

Callie did such a great job walking all over for 2 hours. She did wear out by the end, and we had to carry her to the van, but otherwise, she walked the whole way! She is really getting to have a lot of control with her walker. I was able to talk about some of Callie's recent achievements, including the control she has with her is all coming because her overall balance is getting much better...we really are getting closer to Callie being able to walk independently! It is a very slow process for her that requires a great deal of work on her part...but she is making progress! I love watching the way Callie tries to help and explain things to Justice. She was trying to show him how the ball tower works, but each time she tried to get him to put one in, it would make him fall down, lol! (First of all, he isn't tall enough to reach, and second, he still needs to hold on when standing - he really just wanted to keep cruising around it!)

This was probably Justice's favorite trip to the Children's Museum! Now that he is really mobile, I let him out of the Ergo to explore a little bit on his own. He LOVED it!

The twins were excited to see the construction pieces back out. They built a car big enough for all 6 of them to ride in!

Ashley and Brianna are always thrilled with pretty much everything at the museum! They are at an age where they are very easy to please. So they loved the opportunity to run and play and explore! All of my girls have such a wonderful spirit of helping others. Brianna tries so hard to help and teach the babies to do things. She was thrilled when I let her push Justice around in a car someone made! Ashley can truly play pretend with ANYTHING...she was playing pretend with a map on the wall. Specifically, a penguin and a shark. She was pretending to sail around the world like Magellin did (we just studied this in history last week), and to be chased by a shark! It was pretty funny, and cute!

It was pretty cold, so while the rooftop was open, we decided to save it for another warmer day. Lots of cute pictures today - I couldn't decide which ones to there are quite a few, lol!

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  1. Great pictures, fun day. But where did you fit your nap in? That's all I can think about when I hear about your busy, busy life, Michelle!!!! :)