Saturday, May 15, 2010

Elephants vs Horses

In history this week, we learned that Babur the Tiger (w/12,000 horses), conquered the Sultan of Delhi (w/100,000 war elephants) for control of India. We played a game to demonstrate how the faster, more agile horses could defeat the war elephants that outnumbered them by so many.

We had 2 teams...which changed each of the 3 times we played! The horses were able to run and use 2 hands because they were fast and agile. The elephants had to take giant steps, and had to keep one hand on the opposing shoulder, leaving only one hand to play because they were less agile and slower..but there were twice as many elephants as there were horses. To win the game, you get all the flags from the opposing team. Here are some pictures from our game.

I love it when we get to play games like this and call it school!

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  1. Holy cow you guys are blessed to live in a beautiful area, I love the mountain in the background there!!

    Looks like you guys have a great time! What a fun way to learn!