Thursday, April 29, 2010

Up close encounter with Beluga Whale

What an amazing experience at Sea World today! I even got it on video! I really hope it uploads correctly!

Today we watched the Shamu show, saw the polar bears, penguins and Belugas, did another ride...all in all, a great time was had by all! Especially since we got to come back to the condo for the babies to take a nap and the older ones to go swimming!

Favorite part of Disneyland and the last few days

What is your favorite part of Disneyland and California Adventure after 2 days?

Anna "I liked seeing the characters and the fireworks show!"

Bailey "I liked the Indiana Jones ride the best...especially after the 2nd time. The first time it was a little bit scary."

Ashley "I liked the Alice in Wonderland ride best because it wasn't too scary!"

Brianna "I liked the Jasmine and Aladdin show best when they flew out over us and meeting the princesses and going on the rides and the fireworks!!"

What a few days it has been! We are now in San Diego, and still having a blast! It is nice to have a bit more space here, as well as the full kitchen! We spent yesterday hanging around the condo and playing in the pool. The day before, we went to Sea World for a while. It has been a very low key few days as we were trying to get the babies caught back up on sleep. Sea World is so much lower key than Disneyland that it is a nice change of pace! Lots less crowds and a lot more time to sit and rest, not to mention it is not nearly as big, so there isn't as much walking!

The 2nd day at Disney, Chris had to go do a little work, leaving me with all 6 children at the park...which meant wrestling with 2 cranky, tired, hungry babies in long lines with no stroller by myself AND with no pack and no way to get any food for anyone...let's just say, it was character building, lol! The other 'character building' activity I had was waiting in line to see the princesses - according to the people we talked to, it rarely drops under 1 1/2 hours wait time! We waited almost 2 hours to see them...where professional photographers were waiting to take pictures of the girls with the princesses (and seemed a little irritated that I would stand next to them taking my OWN pictures!) and scan a card so we can go online to view and purchase their pictures! At the end, there is a "Royal Wardrobe" store where you can buy ANYTHING princess...complete with hair and makeup artists who are ready and waiting to make a little girls' princess dream come true...according to my math, one could easily spend $200 to make a little girl look like a princess in that store! I was very surprised with how many people were WAITING in line to get their little girls' hair and make-up done!

The girls have really enjoyed Disneyland! We have decided it would take about 1 week's worth of days at Disneyland as a minimum to see everything at both Disneyland and California Adventure that the girls want to see...3 days is just not nearly enough! We have seen about 1/2 of Disneyland, and only have 1 day left. We have not visited 3 areas in the park at all, and are not yet done with Fantasy land - not to mention the girls want to wait through lines to see the characters - which I think could take up 2 days easily! Then there is California Adventure...we went to an Aladdin show there, and spent a little bit of time on rides in A Bug's Land...we probably will not make it back there again because of the limited time we have left!

We are off to Sea World again today to make it to a couple shows (day before yesterday, we just let the girls ride on rides and play at their playground)...time to get every one's hair done so we can get out the door...hopefully I will have more time to post later...but I am not counting on it!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This morning...

What a morning! We went to Disneyland today. Everyone played hard...and had a great time. Here are some pictures from our morning. Now all 6 of our children are sleeping. We came back to the hotel to take a nap (and eat some lunch!) so everyone can make it for fireworks this evening.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vacation, first 3 days

After going to Spokane on Sunday, I was really concerned with how everyone would ride in the car all the way to Southern CA...but they did absolutely GREAT! I couldn't have asked for better! What a blessing.

Everyone road so well, we heard no complaining (until the last 45 minutes of the drive, when it really was hot, and we were not moving while stuck in LA traffic!)...they used indoor voices, they played well together, they did a fantastic job!

When we got to the hotel on Friday (last night), Chris had to do some work. I took everyone to the pool. It was a real challenge to keep everyone together. The water was way too cold for me (especially in the cool of the evening with a bit of a breeze to begin with!), but the hot tub was too hot for me to go I sat outside with Justice. Callie has absolutely NO FEAR of the water, and was ready to jump in over her head! Brianna could barely reach the middle/deepest part of the hot tub with her tip toes (and her nose UNDER water!), so there were a couple of times she got a bit panicked as well! The twins were good helpers, but wanted to do their own thing...we didn't stay real long as it really was too much for me to do alone!

We came back to the hotel room, found Chris had finished up for the evening, and went out to dinner at In 'N Out Burger! I had heard they were good, and they really were!

We came home and put everyone to bed as Chris had(has) a change this morning starting at 7 am...I needed to have everyone up and out the door by 7, and because it is a 12 hour change, the goal (which I just couldn't manage!) was to keep them out for 12 hours. We went to the continental breakfast, then walked to Downtown Disney (about 1 mile or so away). Brianna and Ashley found the souvenirs they wanted for Disneyland, so I let them make their purchases. We played around, found lots of fountains. Took some pictures. Played on giant legos. We played in the Rain Forest Cafe...and everyone got really tired - and hungry! We had no way of getting food, or really letting everyone take the rest they needed, so we headed back to the hotel. At every chance she could find, Ashley would run ahead, sit down and look at her new Peter Pan play set, lol!

We found Chris no where near done (he was hoping to finish in just 3 hours, but is thinking it may take the whole 12 hours!)...he is now in the van (which has no air conditioning and is probably well over 100 degrees!) trying to work in the peace and quiet. Brianna, Callie and Justice are close to falling asleep, and everyone else is playing with Ashley's new Peter Pan Play set.

I kind of felt like one of the attractions...I had one oriental family (with one child) ask if they were all mine, and then ask to take our picture because they had never seen anyone with so many...we heard people counting children in at least 3 foreign languages that I recognized (french, Spanish and Japanese) of the Spanish speaking families who tried to count us kept losing count as my girls were running in circles, so I just told them we have 6 (in Spanish) seems to be even more of a novelty here than at home! Everyone behaved very well, and were polite. Once again, I was very proud of everyone!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Never a dull moment!

We never seem to find a dull moment at our house...there are always things going on...sometimes it can even be hard to catch my breath with all that is going on, lol! This month is no exception. We started out with my sister's wedding. It was beautiful. She did a wonderful job putting things together and pulling it off.

Now that we are finished with the wedding, our attention s being turned towards vacation! We leave on Thursday for southern CA! We are going to Disneyland and Sea World. Everyone is very excited! Today we are getting all the clothes packed up that we are bringing and the food we can package into smaller, easily manageable portion sizes put into baggies...Tomorrow we will be baking all the baked goods we will be bringing and getting those packaged up...Wednesday we will be loading the van...Thursday we leave! Wow. I am tired just thinking about it!

Not sure how much time we will have (or how much access to internet!) but I hope to post pictures and stories on the blog as we go.

No more trucking!

Chris' dad came home yesterday. We all went to pick him up from the truck stop in Spokane. Some of the girls did wonderfully on the trip, others...well, lets just say, it was a long hard day for some of my children!

Here are a couple of pictures from the days' adventure!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Video of Callie walking!

We are all still so excited about Callie walking at our house! I am now able to get far enough away from her while she walks to get a video of her! She no longer needs help to 'find her balance' before taking steps! In this video, she takes 5 steps for the first time. Right after this, she took 6 steps in a row, which is the furthest she has gone! Yesterday she took about 60 steps total. She asks for me to please put her AFOs (braces) on so she can walk! (Can you tell we are proud of her?!)

More Wedding Pictures!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Little Sister is Married!

Kaitie did such a great job on her wedding. Everything was beautiful and went smoothly (except the over tired 2 year old who would NOT sit in the wagon to be pulled down the isle throwing flower petals out, lol!)...Thank you to everyone who helped to pull off Kaitie's big day - you all did an amazing job!

Here are a couple pictures from the big event! The little girls were flower girls, twins read scripture, and I threw in a picture of Callie showing off her new walking skill to Kaitie while we were getting ready...

I have lots more pictures...but am just too tired to sort through them all tonight! With all of my children in bed, asleep and my husband helping to clean up after the wedding...I am going to bed myself! It has been a long day!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So excited!

Words to not begin to describe just how excited I am.

Watching a child make a milestone is always exciting, but this...THIS is so far above and beyond a typical child making a "normal" milestone...

CALLIE CAN WALK! She took 3 independent steps in a row today, and has repeated it several times! She has taken a total of about 20 steps. She started during physical therapy, which was great because we had the guidance and instruction from her therapist to help us bring her to this next level, and how to bring her beyond this!

We will still have Callie's walker, and walking sticks and assistive devises for quite some time, probably 4-6 years...but today, we are just focusing on today's HUGE PRAISE and everything else pails in comparison - Callie can walk!