Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family Fun Night, Harvest Edition, & Funtasia

It is another fun filled Saturday! Today for family night (which happened to be in the afternoon for our annual trip to funtasia to avoid trick or treaters!), we talked about the Pharisees cleaning the outside of the dish, while the inside is still dirty. We used pumpkins to illustrate this. We cleaned the outside, and ask if they were clean...they all thought they we opened them up! We related the pumpkin guts to the sin in our lives, and how when Jesus is in your heart, he helps us to clean all this out. He takes the old away, and gives us a new, clean heart when we repent of our sins. Then we talked about how we know someone is a follower of Christ. We talked about their behaviors and attitudes. We read through several bible passages to illustrate this. Then we talked about the fruit of the Spirit, and how those make us feel. We then decided to put a happy face on our new, clean pumpkins because of this.
Anna and Bailey are so proud of their pumpkins as they were able to design, draw and carve their pumpkins all by themselves!

Callie was not sure she wanted anything to do with her pumpkin...but that is ok, because she was playing in the sugar pumpkin we used to bake pies!

After all the carving was complete we asked the girls if the pumpkins looked the same. We asked them if there were any changes to the inside or the outside of the pumpkins. We talked about what it really means to be a new creation in Christ. We went through several more bible versus that talked about knowing Jesus' followers by their actions, we talked about faith and works, and if you have faith, works will naturally follow.

Then we talked about the new bodies we would have in heaven. To illustrate this, we took a sugar pumpkin and made pumpkin pie!

But that was not it for today...we try to avoid trick or treaters, and to do this, we go to Funtasia in Edmonds! Everyone had a wonderful time. We met the Dykstras and the Veazys' and the James Pence's there.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

All kinds of adventures today!

We started off the day pretty well...all 6 children and myself, were bathed, dry and dressed, with breakfast done, and getting shoes on at 9 am this morning.

We went to Callie's eye appointment. Dr. Epley has the only dr office that my girls ask if they can come along to the appointment! He has made an indoor playground of sorts that everyone has a lot of fun on. The pictures today are from his waiting room. I almost forgot, Callie had a good appointment. Dr. Epley said that her left eye is getting stronger (which is part of why we were putting drops in it, so they are working!), and that she is favorable for surgery. Everything is now set up for Nov. 20th. My sister Kelly will be coming out here the previous day to stay the night, then Carolyn will take the older 4 over night that night so Chris and I can focus on Callie and what she may need. Dr. Epley said that for the most part, healing will be quick, but the first 2 days will be harder this time because of her age. She is more aware of what she can do, and will be more upset about the light sensitivity and pain. She will likely need things to be quiet and calm so she can relax.
Then it was off to choir. It actually worked out perfectly to go from the dr appointment, to Costco (for gas and hot dogs for lunch), then to choir. But, my day started getting more adventuresome as we left Costco. I noticed my turn signal wasn't working well, and my wipers were running at about 1/4 speed...we got on the freeway, and I noticed the engine sounded strange. We got on the freeway, and I lost power. I was flooring the gas, and only going about 40 mph, in the rain, with windshield wipers that weren't working well, with all 6 children with me, and a cell phone that keeps turning itself off...not the best scenario! But, God is good all the time, and He is faithful, He already had provisions to get us home safe. Chris came out to check it out (Thanks, so much!), and took Anna, Bailey, Ashley and Callie. My friend was able to bring home Justice, Brianna and myself (thanks again so much!). The girls were still able to go to choir, and now, we are all home, drying off, warming up, and glad to be here!

Tomorrow we hope to get the van back home with us...this also means that we will be staying home for awhile! Remember how I was saying how great it was to be home more this week? Well, with no other vehicle that can hold all of our children, it means that we will be staying home until it is fixed or other provisions are made...I can't say that I am entirely sad about it. I do wish we could have gone to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and I wish that we could have gone to funtasia on Saturday (and who knows, maybe we can still make this one!), but otherwise, there isn't anywhere that I need to be for awhile! Not sure if this is a big thing or a little thing to fix yet - still need to get it home to figure that out! I am hoping and praying that this is not the beginning of the end for our van.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

video messages from girls to grandparents

The video that Ashley and Brianna made is not uploading for some reason, I will try again later...

Here is what I am able to get Callie to say on camera...she is really chatty in person, but you pull the camera out, and she clams up or just says "Cheese!"

Here is Brainna talking and doing a dance.

Ashley's turn to talk.

Here is Bailey, playing the song that she has composed herself on her recorder. (The twins are learning to play the recorder in choir.)

Here is Anna, playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on her recorder.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home day today!

Is it somehow wrong that I was kind of glad Callie's physical therapy was canceled today? (Not that I am happy Jenna is sick, but that we didn't have go to meet her.) I am so glad to have a quiet, non-eventful day at home...being able to sit and read with the girls, play games, get school done, get housework done, etc.

Here are my girls sitting at the breakfast table (eating eggs and whole wheat english muffins). There really isn't anything that can replace the time spent at home and the memories we make from those times! The times sitting around the table, sharing meals, talking together, playing games, and doing projects of all kinds are so precious and priceless. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my children, to learn and grow with them each day, to see their firsts, celebrate their accomplishments and help them through their trials and tribulations. I am amazed that God allows me this roll in his amazing creation, the privilege and responsibility to raise these eternal souls for Him.

Kaitie chose a dress!

Kaitie chose a dress! Thank you for all those who voted to help Kaitie decide what dress to get.
She chose the 3rd dress that I posted. She said it was the one she just kept thinking about. Here are pictures of her in the dress she chose. She will make a beautiful bride in this dress. We are all very excited for her, as she is making decisions that will make her wedding a special day to remember! We also covet any and all prayers for this process and even more for her marriage to come.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday night means, family night!

My girls were excited when they got up today because it is Saturday. They looked around for about an hour this morning for some kind of hint of what we would be doing for our family night tonight. It was very cute!

I told my girls we could only do family night tonight if I got some help on the chores that needed to be done with leaves blown out of the grass, the van cleaned, car seats washed, and the hardwood floors waxed, it was time to begin!

We started off tonight, feeding the girls (our special family night dinner of pizza) in the basement...while we went upstairs and set things up...we hid a surprise (candy) all over the main part of the house (40 pieces)...then we went down and told them there were surprises for them upstairs, but that they had to find them in the dark. We gave them each a flashlight to help them find their surprises. Once they had 8, they were to sit on the couch. Even Callie had a lot of fun looking for her candy (which were all on the floor, the older 4 were told they were not allowed to pick up any on the floor, but had to leave them for Callie to find) and putting it in her bag!

Next, we talked about how the flashlight is like the Holy Spirit in our lives...both give us light (truth) to see, have power , and have an on/off switch (our will). We let the girls have a piece of candy periodically throughout the evening, too!

the 2nd activity was to be blindfolded, 1 person quietly called out the correct directions and everyone else shouted the wrong directions. The girls really enjoyed this one! Poor Ashley though, had her 2 older sister right in her ear shouting wrong directions that she followed and ended up running into all kinds of things!

We talked about how the world shouts to us to do this or that, to go this way or that way, but that God speaks to us with a still small voice.
Our last activity was to decorate reminders to turn on God's power, the Holy Spirit and each of the fruits that the Spirit gives. While the girls decorated the pages, Chris played the guitar for was a wonderful family time with a fantastic message! I am so enjoying these books with my family! What a blessing that someone has put together such easy to follow activities, with such wonderful messages, and all backed by scripture!

Now, it is time for me to go put lots of car seats back together!

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Take a picture of me for the blog"

That is what I hear frequently. They want me to take pictures to put them on the blog so that Grandpa and Grandma can see them. Bailey told me that she hopes being able to see their grandchildren will make her grandparents miss them less.

Above and Right, playing at the park

Yesterday was a fun day. We got to go to choir, which we were early to, so we had time to stop and play at the park for 1/2 hour...the same park I used to play at when I was their ages. It was fun to watch them enjoy the same things I enjoyed...on an older, non-plastic playground, lol!

<--climbing a tree in their new yard

After choir, we came home, and got the leaves taken care of...and played in them! the girls really enjoyed playing in the, it doesn't look like we did anything at all out there yesterday, but we really did!

Everyone on a big tire at the park is amazing how much fun a big tire can be! -->

Today is a home day. cooking, cleaning, school, getting ready for home church, and enjoying my children. The girls are really missing their grandparents (whom they have not seen in 2 weeks for Grandma and 3 weeks for Grandpa). they really want a count down to WHEN they will get to see them, but we don't know is the only thing we can tell them. It seems that when we are home, at their grandparents house, they think a lot more about not being able to see them...there have been several teary episodes today, like when Brianna went with me to take the garbage out, and saw Grandma's car and thought she was home. Or when the girls were reading emails from Grandma. Even Callie seems to be missing Grandma, every time the bell rings at the back door, she says, "Grandma, Hi, Grandma!"

Grandma told the girls in her email that she hopes to come see them in another 2 weeks, after her school is done, or for Thanksgiving (she really doesn't know when she will be able to!) is just a hard time frame to 'count down to' is kind of like trying to count down how many more days until a baby is born - no one really knows for sure, except God! I told the twins to count down to their birthday, and most likely, their grandparents would come home for a couple days to see them before then.

I am trying to make all of this into a good lesson on patience for them...We will see how it goes - I still struggle with patience, and I have had LOTS of lessons on it! I am sure that after a few months, the girls will get used this new version of normal. They will be able to wait from month to month to see their grandparents, but for now, it is a big change after seeing them weekly for their whole lives!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Justice 4 months old!

It is hard to believe my son is 4 months old already! On one hand, it is hard to imagine a time when he wasn't here, but at the same time, he is getting so big, so fast! I put him on our home scale today, and it said he is 16 lbs! Wow...he has already more than doubled his birth weight! I have little doubt that he is getting enough to eat! Here are pictures of Callie and Justice the day he was born, and today...Justice's favorite activities are to eat and watch his older sisters play.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding Dress Shopping! (for my sister)

After physical therapy at the Children's Museum (thanks again to Chris' mom for the membership to Imagine Children's Museum!), the girls and I went with Kaitie to look at her favorite 3 dresses. It was a lot of fun, especially for all of my girly girls!

The first dress is my favorite (and my sister Kelly's favorite, and my husband's favorite, and the twins' favorite!).

The second dress...

the third dress is (I think) Kaitie's favorite...(and I think she would like everyone else, or even ANYONE ELSE to confirm it as the 'best!')

Any thoughts on which dress is your favorite (for anyone who reads this!)? (If you have a reason, then we would like to hear that, too!)

My little princesses really enjoyed going to look at fancy dresses...and trying on tiaras and veils!

then we went to a park with Kelly, since we were already in town!