Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I really dislike moving...all of the time and energy having to get everything packed up and moved and unpacked...but on the other hand, it is kind of nice to HAVE to go through everything to get rid of stuff! Here is my pile that I was able to find for the blind coming to pick it up today! We found 18 boxes and 8 plastic bags and a few odds and ends of things to get rid of! I am pretty excited about that!

We also had a really productive weekend...we now have 55 boxes packed and ready to go, all the dressers are empty, everyone is down to just a few days of clothing to get us through the next 10 days...We will be starting to moving the unnecessary furniture to the garage to get it out the way, and so we can better see what we have left. I will also be putting away the 'extra' type things in the kitchen, hopefully today.

The children are taking the move all in their own way...Justice really doesn't care, as long as he is held, talked to, and fed, he is a very content little baby! Callie is pretty confused, and is wanting to stay within eye sight of me.
Then there's Brianna...well, Brianna doesn't take change well...so right now, she NEEDS to be my shadow, or she is going to find trouble or make really poor choices! Brianna also needs the reassurance that all of our things are going to move with us...repeatedly

Ashley is very excited to be moving into Grandma's house, but very sad that Grandma is leaving...

Bailey is taking things in stride, at least externally, and seems to be trying not to think about anything too long or too hard, just take each task as it comes and go with it. She is focusing on the positives of having more space, and getting a play room again, and not thinking about grandma being gone.

Anna has been very emotional. She is realizing how much Grandpa is going to be gone while long haul trucking and breaks down in tears frequently because she misses him. She also knows that this move means Grandma will be gone in about 2 weeks and is very sad about all of that, too. I am sure as she gets 'used' to Grandpa and Grandma being gone, it will be easier on her. For now, she is used to seeing them about once a week, and that will drop to once a month or less...it is a big adjustment for her! On the other hand, as we were moving boxes into the garage together yesterday, Anna said "Mom, living at Grandma's will be great! We can all go to the back pasture and find snakes together as a family!"


  1. Michelle,

    I do not care for moving either...huge pain in my opinion, but GOOD FOR YOU getting rid of SO MANY THINGS...I am trying to focus on that right now too...
    So, I am assuming that you will be renting you place too...

  2. You are such a good, flexible helpmeet, even when it's tough on everyone. What fun to get to move in to a new place. I lived in Monroe for a time and loved it that everything was in walking distance. It'll be great!

  3. I just realized that we both moved into our "parents" houses...funny. I am sure that your move will be much better than ours! I am excited for all the room you will have to play in!