Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look what Callie can do!

Even with all the chaos and commotion, Callie has been working on new skills. she is now able to climb up on the couch (by climbing on a step stool first), and really enjoys climbing up on the couch to read books! She is also working on standing balance. So far, she is able to stand for about 5 seconds by herself at a time. (This may not sound like a big deal, as an average 9-12 month old should be able to do this, but for Callie, it's huge!) Callie is so proud of her accomplishments!
Potty training has also come to a very sharp halt - I just can't add that to everything else right now, lol! Callie still WANTS to go, so when she repeatedly asked yesterday, I took my surprise, she went right away. She is so excited when she goes! She finished, and said "I need wipe." Once that was done, she said "I Flush, I do it." after that, she said "wash." and then, after she was clothed and clean, she said, "Candy!" (we were giving her 2 M&M's for going potty...but we ran out, and I didn't bother to get more since we are moving - it would just be something else to pack and move, lol! I was able to find her 2 chocolate chips for her efforts, which she seemed equally pleased with!)
We are so blessed by this precious little girl!


  1. I love the picture - she does look very proud! You are a good mommy - you've got a lot going on right now. I give out a chocolate chip for memory verses, it's what I always have on hand, even my big kids are happy to get them.

    Thanks for posting about Callie, I'm happy to hear about her progress. :)

  2. So cool, Michelle. It's great to see her progress. I'll be praying for a smooth move for you.