Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun day out

The girls and I have had a great week! We got school done, despite the Dr appointment and physical therapy for Callie, we are making progress on getting the house in order, and catching up on laundry...things that I have let slide, though I shouldn't have.
Friday, we spent time talking about 9/11, remembering what happened, and why we are at war now. We also got to play with our home school group at the park for our annual back to school party! We had a wonderful turn out! It was fun to meet new people, and catch up with those we have not seen for awhile. I don't have many pictures posted because I didn't take the time to get permission for others' children to be on my blog! Then it was off to horse back riding lessons and more playing with friends!

This week has been very busy with the twins finishing their books, which they did last night, and working on their projects, for the book report fair...which happens to be tomorrow! Anna read The Black Stallion, and Bailey choose the Boxcar Children. It is so much fun to see them so excited about school and learning!
And in closing, here is a video (if I can figure out how to do this!) of Callie using her walker...she is still learning to use it, and tires easily. She is also kind of funny about using her walker when there are strangers around...we are not sure what that is all about! But she is getting better and better with it all the time. The goal is that in just a few months, she would be able to use it all the time, to get around, walking about as much as a normal child of 2 years old would be walking. That almost seems unimaginable to me, but I am looking forward to seeing her gain the independence she so desperately wants!

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