Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Evergreen State Fair

We went to the Evergreen State Fair yesterday. The girls were disappointed that they didn't get to enter anything this year...something we will try to actually do next year...but we still had a good time at the fair!

Usually I don't think of myself as having a lot of children...but at the fair, it seemed like I was in charge of a mob scene!

It was also a blessing that my sister Kaitie was able to come and help keep track of everyone...even with the help, we thought we lost Ashley - come to find out, she was right where I told her she could go, lol! That makes twice at the Evergreen State Fair that I thought I lost her, and didn't, lol! She also got us a treat, some wonderful pig's ears to share! Thanks, Kaitie, they were great!

We seemed to overwhelm the animals at the petting farm...

Then we took over the riding tractors...

Anna has an absolute fascination with horses, both real and imaginary...She found this at the frontier village, and was so excited to be able to sit on it to pretend to ride! She was also very excited about being able to buy a horse for just $1...actually you could buy a RAFFLE TICKET for $1, and then win the horse in the drawing...Anna was very disappointed that I wouldn't let her buy the horse though.

And Brianna playing with a wooden bear in frontier land.

Me with the babies, while everyone else was watching the pig races...see, I am still here, Jennifer, lol! Callie has just learned that if she puts her finger into Justice's mouth, he will suck on it...she thinks this is great fun...

Callie standing at the fence by the corral, saying "horse, Mariah, right there. Nice to Mariah." Mariah, is our friends' horse, whom Callie has done a little bit of (amateur!) hippo therapy with.

My favorite part of the fair was watching the things that really got my girls is different for each of them. And it shows me what an amazing God we have that he creates such variety and how blessed I am to be able to be a part of all of this!

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  1. Wish you guys lived nearer- We'd let those girls climb all over our sweet mares!