Monday, September 28, 2009

Emotions run high...

I have heard that those with boys, do not have the same gamut of emotions all the time that those with girls have...Having 5 girls, from almost 2 years old up to 8 1/2, means I get this 5 times over!

I have one, who is more emotional than the rest...fortunately, she is usually very happy!

She also doesn't take change having moved just 13 months ago, having added a new baby 3 months ago, moving again this week, sending her favorite doll in for repairs and having her grandparents leave for most of the time, has absolutely made her world fall apart! I am spending a great deal of my time right now, just trying to reassure, comfort, and build her up. I know that when we get moved, things will settle down for her again, but right now, she is really struggling.

She goes back and forth from, "I won't ever see my room here again." to "We get to move into Grandma's house, and we get a climbing wall!" to "Grandma is leaving, and Sally Molly [her doll] is gone." and back again in about 2 is becoming very draining on everyone in the house...this goes on all day long...We are trying to have extra grace for her, and show her extra love and really work on including her in things...but deep down, I know the only thing that will help is getting this time of upheaval behind us and getting her some sort of order and normalcy...
For this week, there is no school, just packing and moving, and loving little ones!


  1. Bless her heart! Abby was four when we left for Illinois. It was very hard for her to understand! I will pray for Brianna and mama too!

  2. Michelle,
    I am sorry you are dealing with extra things on top of moving, etc, etc, etc...but I am sure you are handling it beautifully...This too shall pass is the only words of wisdom I have for you....and hug those children...that passes ALL TOO SOON...and a day will come when you wish for dozens more of the type of days like this again....